Pablo has worked with research at CERAC since 2009 with the System for analysis and register of conflict actions, in the research program Measuring violence and conflict, and in various projects related to the program on Conflict analysis and Political Violence.

His main areas of interest are the study of armed conflict, violence against the civil population during civil war, and the social movements. Pablo has worked with these themes in his thesis and the research project he carried out as a grantee of the Colciencia Young Researchers scholarship in 2010.

He has recently been working as assistant consultant, designing a system of indicators for the evaluation of the program for human rights training of the private company Cerrejón, and as a coordinator for the biannual report on relevant changes for the development in Colombia, a project carried out for COSUDE.

He has also worked as a documentation assistant for the working group for Historic Memory in the Project Resistance in Colombia, for Asociación de Trabajadores Campesinos del Carare (ATCC).