Every Casualty pursues two complementary lines of effort to help bring about its objective of a world where no casualty of armed violence is left unrecorded: a practitioner-oriented practice and a campaigning policy stream.

Its practice stream is supporting casualty recording organisations and their work through the nurture and development of a professional association of casualty recorders, the Casualty Recorders Network (formerly the International Practitioner Network), and by conducting formal research into methods that will document, codify and assist in drawing out a set of casualty recording standards from current practice.

Its policy stream is promoting casualty recording as an international obligation on states as laid out in the Every Casualty Campaign call and in more detail in the Charter for the recognition of every casualty of armed violence, supported by original research into existing legal obligations under international law, and in partnership with a wide range of humanitarian, human rights and peace-building NGOs and other actors.

(Source: http://www.everycasualty.org/about)

The Casualty Recorders Network

Composed by organizations and individuals who keep records of victims of gun violence, the Casualty Recorders Network, which began its work in November 2009 with 20 members, aims to help enhance the work of its members through the exchange of work, collaboration and the research of a common voice.