On this page CERAC makes accessible its Database of the Armed Conflict in Colombia, and the glossary with the definition of each variable included in the database. 

The database of CERAC is composed by information reported by publicly accessible sources (press, international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, research centers etc). The database team of CERAC monitors these sources and compiles, selects and codes the information and add it to the System for Analysis and Register of Conflict Actions (SARAC). Finally the data is processes so as to offer the users (academics, students, the general public) the possibility to analyze the general dynamic of the conflict in Colombia.

The level of detail is gradually increased as more information becomes available on recent and past events and it will be updated shortly.

The methodology is available in:

The Severity of the Colombian Conflict: Cross-Country Datasets versus New Micro Data 
(J. Restrepo, M.Spagat and J. Vargas), Journal of Peace Research.

Colombia’s Tipping Point? 
(J. restrepo, M. Spagat), Survival (47)2, 2005, pp. 131–152.

The Dynamics of the Colombian Civil Conflict: A New Data Set 
(J. Restrepo, M. Spagat and J. Vargas), Homo Oeconomicus, 21(2), 2004, pp. 396-428.

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