In this section you will find a broad variety of academic resources that CERAC offers to researchers interested in conflict analysis and violent phenomena.

We welcome your suggestion on how we can maintain these resources updated, more accessible and/or any other type of comment. Please send your suggestions, comments and requests to:

Seminars: Visiting academics, students and researchers usually meet on Friday afternoons in our library to listen to presentations on research advances and working papers related to conflict analysis and the study of violence. If you are interested to attend any of the seminars please contact us:

Conflict Data: This page offer a listing of web pages to those interested in carrying out their own research based on empiric evidence related to the study of conflict and violence. The list includes direct links to databases with cross-sectional data, country specific data, data on political repression or intervention as well as links to other pages offering complementary listings.

Centers, Groups and Researchers: On this page you may find a list of research groups and research centers that work in the area of conflict analysis. You may also find a listing of individual researchers and their personal web pages together with a note on what type of material offered on their homepage.

Database of the Armed Conflict in Colombia: On this page CERAC makes accessible its Database of the Armed Conflict in Colombia, and the glossary with the definition of each variable included in the database. 

Documentation center: On this page you'll find the bibliographic listing that includes the collection of references that the researchers of CERAC have accumulated throughout their investigations.