Conflict analysis constitutes the basis of all research carried out at CERAC. Its work has not only concentrated on the Colombian conflict, but also the conflicts in Peru, Iraq, Afghanistan and other international conflicts. CERAC has also developed diagnostic studies of the current situation of the Colombian armed conflict, taking into consideration the recent history of the country, the evolution of the institutions, the socioeconomic development and the impact on the general welfare of the country.      

The various studies and consulting assignments carried out within this research program have taken into account the dynamics of violence transformation.

In addition to the situation analysis of the armed conflict, CERAC has carried studies along four thematic lines:

  • the victims: including inflictions on civilians, combatants, ethnic minorities, political parties and members of the labor union;
  • the perpetrators: referring to the dynamics of the various armed groups of the conflict – guerrilla groups, para-militaries, neo-paramilitaries and state forces;
  • violent actions: unilateral acts and direct combats;
  • spatial distribution: through regional analysis of the dynamics of violent disputes between armed groups.