CERAC seeks to contribute to the promotion of development, the reduction of violence and its negative impact, and the cessation of violent conflict. It does so through the production of knowledge and information based on verifiable empirical evidence and high theoretical and methodological standards; the development of methods, technologies and innovations; incidence in public and private politics; and the formation of qualified human resources.


CERAC vision is that in 2020 it will be one of Latin Americas leading centers for research and training in social sciences and a key reference for methodological, theoretical and analytical matters related to the study and measurement of phenomena related to collective and armed violence in its multiple manifestations.  

The knowledge and information produced will influence private and public policy that promote development and are directed towards violence reduction, security provision and the management and cessation of violent conflict. By 2020, our research agenda will have surpassed the thematic and geographical limits of Colombia and from a comparative perspective will be studying violent phenomena across Latin-American.


CERAC seek to contribute to the reduction of armed violence and its negative impact on people and communities through the provision of reliable, independent, verifiable and relevant information; in other words, through the elaboration and distribution of evidence based research that permit the identification and understanding of the dimensions, the nature, and the causes of armed violence and violent conflicts.

CERAC has three central intentions: to promote violence reduction programs on the public agenda; improve existing interventions; and contribute to the design and evaluation of public policies.