Founded in 2005, CERAC was created by a group of academics affiliated to various Colombian universities and universities and academic institutions in Great Britain, Switzerland and the United States, with the objective to create a research platform about armed violence, conflict analysis and the impact of conflict on development.

The work of this research group, which became the base upon which most activities of CERAC rest, was initiated in 2002 at the University of London -Royal Holloway College.

Initially, this group developed a web page called “Resources for Conflict Analysis” – there of the name of the Center created in 2005. A second initiative of this research group was the development of a method for the measurement of internal conflicts and the creation of a database based on this method. The compilation and maintenance of this database still constitutes the main scientific and technological activity of the Center.    

CERAC has since become recognized, both nationally and internationally, as a center for research and consulting with expertise in the process, elaboration, analysis and presentation of quantitative indicators related to armed conflict and armed violence in its close relationship with development.

CERAC has also become an important training center for young academics looking for somewhere to develop in their respective area of expertise and is constantly innovative in matters of methodology and products.