The Conflict Analysis Resource Center (CERAC) is a private and independent research center, specialized in the study of armed violence, conflict analysis and  its social and economic impact. CERAC is a nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization.

CERAC has ample experience in the study of social and development issues at the local and national level, using state of the art methodologies for qualitative and quantitative data gathering.

It has relevant experience in the production of both academic research to the highest standards, and policy relevant reports to inform either wider audiences or narrow specialised policy and decision making audiences.

CERAC not only has access to communities in conflict affected areas of Colombia, but has also used that access to implement research techniques and methods in these difficult areas to study social issues ranging from human rights, security issue, illegal economies to government capacity.

CERAC has been financed by research projects, contributions from multilateral institutions and governments, and through consultancy services.

CERAC incorporates a research group registered, recognized and graded by the Administrative Department of Science, Technology and Research in Colombia, Colciencias. In the last evaluation made by this institution (in 2015), the Center was graded in category B- the second highest of its ranking.